Red Flag Mania is a revolutionary learning solution designed for educators, trainers, and professionals who seek an engaging and effective learning experience based on real-world principles. It utilizes gamification and investigative storytelling to build critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills in learners.

The program features four episodes, including “Ethics Dash”, “Audit Challenge,” “Money Hunt”, and “Fraud Capstone”, each providing two to eight hours of immersive learning experience. The program uses ripped-from-the-headlines stories to engage learners in activities like sorting through case evidence, analyzing fraud triangles, testing internal controls, and interpreting judgment biases in decision-making.

Red Flag Mania is a self-paced learning tool that combines theory, film, and technology to create an engaging and immersive learning experience. The program is designed to improve engagement, retention, and preparation of learners as global citizens. The reviews of Red Flag Mania are overwhelmingly positive, with many users praising the program's seamless flow and high engagement.

Multiple universities have incorporated Red Flag Mania into their curriculum to enhance their students' learning experience. Pope, the creator of Red Flag Mania, aimed to develop a disruptive edtech product that could cover traditional topics discussed in most U.S. classrooms while enhancing student engagement. The program's success is attributed to its innovative approach to learning, which combines gamification and storytelling to create an immersive and fun learning experience.

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