Bridgeway Academy


Traditional/Textbook Homeschooling. For homeschool families who love the freedom to just take it and go.

More than 20,000 K-12 students have trusted Bridgeway Homeschool Academy to create accredited, customized home school programs for over two decades. Unashamedly Christian, we’re honored that God has given us the opportunity to serve both secular and Christian homeschooling families worldwide.

Bridgeway Homeschool Academy was founded in 1989 in response to the need for more freedom in education and customized home school programs. Bridgeway’s commitment is to provide homeschool programs that are:

Online Homeschooling. For homeschool families seeking more accountability or collaboration.Traditional Textbook Based. For homeschool families who love the freedom to just take it and go.Completely Customized. Education designed for each individual based upon their unique strengths, needs, and interests.Totally Flexible. Giving you the freedom to instill the morals and values consistent with your personal beliefs and to create your own schedule.Fully Accredited. Providing the peace of mind you need and the academic rigor that is recognized and accepted by academic institutions worldwide.Unlimited Support. A team of support specialists committed to seeing you succeed.Community Focused. Collaboration, interaction, and service that brings our world together and nurtures tomorrow’s leaders.

Want to know more? Check our our or call our Admissions office at 800-863-1474.

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