It’s no secret that today’s classrooms need an upgrade. Student interest is low, test scores indicate a failing education system and students themselves report that engagement in school drops significantly between grades 5 and 12. According to the National Survey of High School Student Engagement, almost ¾ of kids report that they do not feel challenged and do not see how learning connects to modern life.

Teachers also report that so-called “personalized learning” solutions lack cross-curricular connections, are often unvetted for rigor or engagement, and tend to provide simply worksheets, online games, and quizzes rather than inquiry or project-based learning. And because most major incentives are attached to outcomes on standardized tests, online learning solutions have become another tool to “teach to the test” rather than an opportunity to tailor learning to individual students.

Introducing: Elephango.com.

The perfect curriculum companion designed to spark curiosity, deepen understanding and build confidence. Developed to meet the challenges of modern day education, Elephango began with a vision to answer the question, Why?

  • Why does this matter?
  • How does it connect to real life?
  • And why is this important to know?

Easy to implement, carefully vetted, filled with cross-curricular connections and project-based learning opportunities and designed to keep students coming back for more, Elephango is the solution for teachers desperate for a personalization tool that meets the needs of a diverse student population.

Explore the next generation in online learning.

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