Major Diesel Diagnostic Toughbook

Major Diesel Diagnostic Toughbook

Product Review

Major has introduced its Diagnostic Laptop Truck Kit specifically for truckers. This refurbished Panasonic Toughbook qualifies as a diesel laptop system built to ensure faster turnover of trucks which results in increased uptime for your clients and higher revenues for your business.


This Diagnostic Toughbook has been pre-loaded with programs which include a genuine Noregon DLA+ 2.0 Adapter Kit. It enables you to easily connect commercial vehicles to a computer using the USB for several functions like reprogramming, vehicle information, and parameter adjustments. With this Toughbook, users can look forward to technical support for all units.


Major Diesel is more economical compared to other Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) “lite” software. Likewise, it offers premium diagnostics features.

  • It is capable of identifying and clearing fault
  • It performs service
  • Users are assured of configuration of replacement
  • Parameters can be set and
  • It performs stationary
  • It also conducts cylinder cut-out
  • The final feature is tuning and programming of Engine Control Module. Major supports major brands like Cummins, Detroit Diesel, International Maxxforce, Caterpillar, Mack/Volvo, Wabco, and Bendix.


Remember purchasing a Diesel Diagnostic Toughbook is an investment. To maximize your investment and resources, choose wisely the brand through extensive research and feedback from other users. Choose a Toughbook that is durable and satisfies your expectations. Look for a reputable and trusted provider like Major

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