Newstyle Direct

The team at Newstyle Direct specialise in selling products to Australians that make life easier. If you are looking for genuine, high quality, enjoyable products that meet your exact needs, shop online with Newstyle Direct today.The products available in the Newstyle Direct range include Kitchenware, Hardware, and Home & Outdoors products. The kitchenware products available include a variety of solutions from the NuWave brand. You can get induction cooktops, carry bags, pizza kits, cutting boards, and a range of premium cookware from Newstyle Direct.The hardware products from Newstyle Direct include 5-in-1 tools, drill bits, rechargeable tool batteries, air pump tools, bench clamps, and much more. The Home & Outdoors range includes Cloud hanging chairs, shoebox storage systems, outdoor protective covers, and parts for the products in our range. Shop online with Newstyle Direct today for trustworthy services, local distribution, and fast shipping from an Australian-owned and operated team.

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