Based on people's excessive exploitation of the earth's forest resources, exacerbating the deterioration of the ecological environment and the continuous lack of natural resources, Hanming wood sculpture emerged at the historic moment, with the sense of mission to protect the ecological environment and benefit the society, CHANGXING HANMING TECHNOLOGY CO., Ltd after more than 10 years committed to the development and research of wood plastic products, finally was born in 2010, HANMING ecological wood plastic products fully embodies the "green" ecological environmental protection concept, reduce the cutting of forest vegetation, not only maintain the solid wood has performance characteristics, texture appearance, overcome the defects of solid wood, also increased many solid wood does not have performance, and promoted to the aesthetic category of industrial application and design.Shun Teng integrates the concept of low-carbon, environmental protection and recyclable environmental protection technology.

Hanming is an independent research and development, Production, Sales and application of the integrated private high-tech enterprises, Comprehensive introduction of German technology and original German equipment, And on the basis of raw materials, continuous research and development and replacement, So far, it has developed a variety of low-carbon, environmental protection, energy-saving characteristics of industrial building decoration products, And realize the industrial standardized production of enterprises, hanming wood plastic adhere to the IOS9001:2000 standards, Extend the quality system to the wood-plastic products produced by (sales order, production plan, raw material development, production and processing, installation and after-sales service), It has: environmental protection and energy saving, fire prevention and fire retardant, waterproof, moisture-proof, corrosion prevention, mildew prevention, termite prevention, no cracking, formaldehyde free, low thermal conductivity and long service life.Shunteng wood and plastic products have been mature and applied to hundreds of outdoor engineering projects, and move towards various fields of people's life.Through continuous exploration and improvement, the company in the wood plastic floor,Interlocking composite decking tiles, WPC Pergola, wooden plastic guardrail, wooden plastic external wall board, wooden plastic leisure chairs and stools and other fields to form a systematic and standardized supporting services.


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