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What is so great about Concealed AZ?  Concealed AZ provides NRA, Arizona Concealed Carry, group and individual firearms training classes as well as promotional, corporate, TV & media machine gun events since 2008.  We have the ability to provide concealed carry classes throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area either at the range or your choice of your business, home, meeting place or church.  We also provide additional activities, from basic one on one training, all the way through corporate team building events. We can provide everything needed, including firearms, ammo, range time, machine guns, transportation and food services.All of our instructors are NRA certified instructors in multiple disciplines to ensure competent instruction. You can also be sure we know about firearms. We have factory certified Armorers for Sig Sauer, Colt, Glock, Springfield Armory and Smith and Wesson available to help you with your specific firearms needs. Concealed AZ primarily focuses on the concealed carry classes but we are part of the firearms retail and shooting community.  We are flexible enough to provide a vast array of shooting experiences. From the most basic of new shooters at a scouting event up to advanced courses in firearms up to and including corporate and tourist events with all the trimmings. If we are not able to provide you with what you want, chances are we know someone who can and can arrange it.  Including machine gun and/or destructive device shooting events at private shooting ranges.Concealed AZ is dedicated to educating and promoting concealed carry in Arizona. Concealed carry and NRA certified classes are available as well as promotional, team building and recreational shooting events.

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