Wilder Law Firm

Wilder Law Firm knows how hard it can be to find legal representation when you are facing stigmatizing charges. Sex crimes are punished with severe consequences, long prison sentences, and expensive fines. But when a sex crime includes a child, the consequences are even more severe, yet it can be difficult to find an attorney that you can trust with your case. You need to work with an attorney that will treat you with respect and put their whole heart and soul into defending you like those at Wilder Law Firm do. Criminal defense experts working for more than twenty years, Wilder Law Firm has been tackling cases such as domestic violence or family violence, serving as drug defense attorneys standing up to drug possession charges, and more. Other attorneys may be intimidated by your charges, but not us. Wilder Law Firm has been able to help people charged with a number of different things like aggravated robbery, felony DWI, injury to the elderly, resisting arrest, manslaughter, delivery of a controlled substance, compelling prostitution, assault on a public servant, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and even solicitation of a minor for sex. You’re supposed to be treated as innocent until you are proven guilty, but with some of these charges, you may find that the attorneys you contact treat you like you’re already guilty. It’s not fair. You deserve to be represented by an attorney that will treat you like the human being you are. When an attorney treats you like you are already guilty, they won’t work as hard to investigate your case. At Wilder Law Firm near Plano, we’re ready to lose sleep if it means gaining an advantage in your defense. There is nobody that works harder at offering criminal defense services to clients than Wilder Law Firm.

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