Wersel Brand Analytics

Wersel Brand Analytics provide Anti-Fake & Brand Protection Services, we can help you understand how your brand is performing as per the industry norms.                      

Wersel Brand Analytics Tools provides solutions for anti-counterfeiting, brand policing, memorable branding, self-service data ingestion, and preparation with integrated services like data crawling, algorithms modeling, enrichments, and actions.                 

The Perspicacious Detective and Protecting Brands in a way more intelligent than it has always been. Get along with us and join hands to eliminate infringements.   

Wersel Brand Analytics, a Visualization and Analytics Platform was built by analysts and machine learning experts to bring the power of transformative technology to core business operations of SMEs. With the unique combination of information gathering and analysis, we build algorithms that iteratively learn from data and deliver hidden insights. We do predictive analytics that makes the data interactive and agile.

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