Waismann Method

WAISMANN METHOD has been a premier opiate addiction treatment center in Southern California since 1998. Named after its founder, Clare Waismann, SUDCC II / M-RAS, the center has been providing advanced opioid detoxification methods including Rapid Detox under anesthesia and other forms of medically assisted detox. 


Patients from all over the world are admitted to a private room at a full-service, JCAHO-accredited hospital. The facility is medically directed by Dr. Michael H. Lowenstein, who holds four board certifications, including anesthesiology, addiction medicine, and pain management, and is the most experienced rapid detox physician in the USA. 


The medical team treats each patient individually, so they have the full attention of the medical staff and anesthesiologist. This is a private, safe, and effective way to move past the physical opioid and alcohol dependence.


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