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The tourism industry has changed over the years. With more and more borders opened, greater traveling accomplished.

Our objective and goal are to make each tour the greenest possible by not harming our wonderful planet and by making sure the people we work with have the same philosophy. While succeeding with being able to provide all our tours in Arabic, French, English, Russian; Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, Finnish, and much more.

The world is filled with beautiful things to see, however, most of the time it isn’t brought in the right way. Then, the brand Venez Discover was founded out of passion and love for tourism and its different diversified culture. Venez Discover brings the best out of each place by meticulously crafting each tour exclusively while taking care of our environment. We aim to bring the love, passion, and interest for our planet in each tour or service provided to you.

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Strengenfeldweg 21, Zwingen, Basel-Landschaft, Switzerland, 4222
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