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The Orbis Schools in Pune (CBSE) are the preferred choice of parents seeking admission to the best CBSE schools in Pune, where the discerning parents find the Orbis School providing a holistic education, be it in the areas of academics, sports, drama, dance, music, public speaking, debates etc. All of this has ensured that The Orbis Schools have met expectations by securing amongst the best CBSE school results at the boards for 10th and 12th standards. Student participation and podium positions at CBSE, ZP and State level competitions have given The Orbis Schools pride of position amongst the top CBSE schools at Pune. In a very short period, our Alumni has made us proud by securing admission to top Universities in India and across the globe.

At the Orbis School in Pune (CBSE), we teach our students to blaze the trail, to look beyond themselves, and to discover all the stunning things that lie waiting for them, outside their realm of familiarity. Here, young children come together from all walks of life, with new things to learn, new people, to understand, new worlds to explore. What's more, the most amazing aspect is that everybody is doing it together, so nobody is ever alone. Students at the Orbis become part of a rapport that persistently dares to try something different – to reach for the magis- and to stretch itself past limits and into new realms. This has ensured that the Orbis Schools are counted amongst the best CBSE Schools in Pune.

Energising things are always happening at The Orbis School. A down to earth and yet progressive school-this school has caught the tide and is starting to set the pace for pushing boundaries both as individuals and as a team, achieving new heights and striding ahead with confidence and conviction. We pride ourselves to be rated amidst the top CBSE schools in Pune.

The running of a good school is a huge responsibility and has its challenges. COVID Pandemic threw many challenges to all the good CBSE schools in Pune. The Orbis School in Pune is extremely responsive to challenges that are thrown at it. The Covid pandemic required schools to urgently migrate to online teaching to which the teachers at The Orbis School responded most admirably by quickly upskilling themselves in the platforms most suited for delivery of online teaching. The support provided by the IT and Admin Department in areas of research to determine the best platform and most appropriate hardware and software was made available to all. We are very pleased with the support that we received from parents and the quick adaptation by the students to this new norm. The Orbis School in Pune (CBSE) is proud to have completed a full academic year as near as possible to a physical year having done not only the academics but also extracurricular, co-curricular, sports and events as well as brought out its publications from the safety of teachers’ homes to the comforts of students’ homes. Parents' response was most heartwarming when it came to the attendance of PTMs and various events.

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33, 3A/6, Keshav Nagar, Mundhwa, Pune 411036. INDIA., Pune, Maharashtra, India, 411036
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