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Even if you have made a Will, there are hidden perils can significantly reduce your children’s inheritance

These could include:

Assets accidently finishing up in the hands of your survivor’s future spouse or their children(see below)Hostile Creditors e.g. Local Authorities means-testing for purposes of Long Term Care (LTC)Children (or other beneficiaries) inheriting at the wrong time – for example facing bankruptcy or imminent divorce 

None of the above perils can be overcome with “All to my spouse/partner” Wills which leave your estate completely exposed!

The Inheritance Planning Company provide wills for families that conserve the wealth of the first parent to die for the benefit of the next generation whilst providing the surviving parent with full access during their lifetime.

It is even possible protect some or all of the survivor’s assets against these perils

Inheritance Tax

If you have substantial:


Life AssurancePension BenefitsBusiness or Agricultural Assets


...the value of which can be protected from ALL of the above perils, including Inheritance Tax.

In the hands of the next generation

Whilst there may be some Inheritance Tax on the death of the surviving parent your wealth can be passed to the next generation in such a way that they have the use of your estate wrapped with the cloak of full asset protection and upon their passing the wealth that you passed to them can be passed to their heirs free of inheritance tax

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