The Clean Freaks

The Clean Freaks is a top-rated commercial cleaning service company in Orange County. We have been serving clients over 20 years. We strive to offer the best quality cleaning service at a very affordable price. Our services include the 3 main categories:1.Maintenance•    Customized Cleaning•    Trained Professionals•    Regular Scheduling•    Floor, Carpet & Upholstery2.Improvement•    Redesign Office Space•    Enhance Working Conditions•    Insulation, AC, Electrical•    B1-General-#10072853.Emergency•    Indoor Air Quality•    C-20 HVAC-#1007285•    Restoration Specialists•    Water/Fire/SmokeThe Clean Freaks specializes in customized office cleaning, using trained professionals who you can trust, who are dependable and know how to get the job done. It’s regular maintenance, it’s improvement and just in case, it’s emergency that makes The Clean Freaks the total package when it comes to commercial cleaning service in Orange County!
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2979 N Orange Olive Rd, Orange, California, United States, 92865