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Do you experience discomfort, weakness, or pain in your lower back? Do your symptoms occur while having movements such as standing, sitting, and/or walking? Do you experience numbness that is caused by the sciatic nerve in your leg area? The best kind of neck pain treatment is chiropractic care because it is holistic, non-invasive, and drug-free. At The Chiropractic Doctors, it concentrates on locating and treating your pain at its cause while avoiding the recurrence of the same problems. Every one of our treatment programs is created specifically for you based on your needs, injury, lifestyle, and other elements. However, spinal adjustments, which concentrate on addressing spinal alignment issues as well as releasing tension from a "tight neck," are one of the most frequent treatments we will advise for neck pain. So, what are you waiting for? Call us and get an appointment of yours with a chiropractor in Grand Rapids

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Dr.  Matthew Phinney 

Dr. Phinney happened on a career in healthcare while he was training and playing rugby with the Canadian National team. While on a rugby tour to New Zealand, he injured two discs in his neck during a match. The damage was so severe he was ruled out of any competition by team Doctors, and told that his career as a rugby player was essentially over. The limited ability of conventional medicine to understand and treat his injury left a strong impression on him. It wasn’t until he returned to his home in Victoria, BC that a chiropractor was able to help him, restore function in his body, and get him back into competition. It was then Dr. Phinney decided to pursue a career in healthcare. 

Having trained and competed as a professional rugby player at a National and International level, Dr. Phinney is very familiar with what is required in terms of EATING BETTER, MOVING BETTER and THINKING BETER to perform consistently at the highest level. He has taken his experience and training as an ELITE level athlete and applied those principles to the CORPORATE and OCCUPATIONAL athletes that he works with. 

Dr. Phinney has committed himself to lifelong learning, he continues to read, take seminars and pursue clinical excellence by keeping up with any information that might be helpful to his patients and give them that winning edge when it comes to their HEALTH and their LIFE. Dr. Phinney is dedicated to helping any and all businesses, organizations and groups in the community experience improved HEALTH, VITALITY, PRODUCTIVITY and PERFORMANCE. His love of all people and genuine concern for others drive his pursuit of excellence in his work as well as his service to the community. 
“Chiropractic care is not just for eliminating pain, it is important for on-going preventative and wellness care, and it is effective for people of all ages – from infants to elderly.”

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