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Last but not the least; there are many Cheap Motels Christchurch that offer discounts all throughout the year during different festivals like Christmas, New Year's Eve etc. You just need to keep in mind your dates and check availability before heading out on vacations based on seasons. Also cut down some small luxuries like room service or jacuzzi so you can lower down your motel bill.Do not hesitate to ask for discounts or promotions even if the prices are displayed on the board outside the motel's office window. Most of them provide different offers and discounts depending on time of year, demand etc.

If you book online, choose the option "pay at the hotel". Some Web sites automatically pre-authorize your credit card with a certain amount once you have selected this payment method . It is not known beforehand how much money they will actually charge you, so it may turn out that your deposit is more than what was expected and you will be forced to pay the difference.One of my favorite places, Howard Johnson's, offers a room for $59.99 per night Cheap Motels Christchurch but they don't include state sales tax which is an additional 10 percent. So the final cost after adding in this fee is actually around $66 per night.

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