Having worked in the IT sector for a small web hosting firm, other than the technicalities of the job, I was also witness to some harsh realities. I noticed a need in the community that was not being met, more often than not. The need for services where the client's requirement was the priority, and the customer service provided was the true essence of the job. Although, it showed me the harsher truth of life, but it also led me to branching out on my own, quitting the job and starting my own business. Come 2002, Support305 was founded, with one simple goal: providing the best customer orientated services, keeping the client's best interests in our minds and hearts. Since 2002, I, along with my team, have strived to deliver outstanding customer service through hands on IT services, mission critical experience and competitive pricing, a work ethic that has been passed on to each employee here at Support305.

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