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A carpet’s life will be governed by many factors, starting with the selection process that must take both aesthetic and performance considerations into account. Once selected, nothing will work to extend the life of your carpet more than a carefully planned and conscientious program of carpet cleaning maintenance. In addition to protecting your investment, the regular carpet cleaning will enhance the cleanliness and appearance of your carpet or rug, thus providing a healthy environment for your occupants. Super Carpet Cleaning Service has more than 15 years of carpet maintenance experience, and the company are committed to sharing our valuable knowledge with its customers as professional carpet, rug and upholstery cleaners in Chorley. One of the keys to preventive maintenance is instituting a maintenance program that is designed to keep your carpet looking good every day at a reasonable cost. Specialist suppliers can provide you with programs that have been developed to assist maintenance planning tailored to the needs of your facility. They will help you to manage the carpet appearance and cleaning activities in your facility while controlling costs. A thorough maintenance program helps you schedule vacuuming, spot removal and deep cleaning when and where needed for clean and dry carpet that looks its best every day. Correct maintenance of carpet will not only extend the life of any carpet investment but will also help to preserve a satisfactory level of appearance and comfort within the working environment. As part of a company’s image, millions of pounds are spent on buildings and interior design concepts and poorly maintained carpets can adversely affect a facility’s image, reduce product performance and accelerate the need for carpet replacement. An extraction cleaner detergent designed for cleaning carpets and upholstery using the spray extraction technique. A low viscosity, clear, green liquid, Extraction Carpet Cleaner can be used as a pre-spotter for breaking up greasy deposits before cleaning. Ideal to
clean and revitalise carpets, upholstery and all materials that can tolerate water. Spots and spills usually form 5-10% of soiling, with beverages & food spills the most common. Failure to remove unsightly marks on a regular basis increases the chance of permanent staining & leads to a decline in appearance. The required frequency for appearance retention will depend on carpet colour, type of installation and traffic flow. To allow the carpet to soil excessively before cleaning can lead to premature replacement. A Carpet Maintenance Programme can be tailored to your premises and budget. Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning is a very effective method of deep cleaning. A cleaning compound containing absorbent particles and emulsifiers e.g. HOST is brushed into the pile where it absorbs the soil and is then extracted. The process minimizes disruption as it requires no drying time and enables carpets to return to use immediately. Enables carpets to be cleaned as often as required without damage or rapid re-soiling.


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