Suleman Kazi

Visitors to Saudi Arabia. sells cheap Prepaid Calling Cards for international mobile calls from Saudi Arabia to most countries. Start calling any country any time.

International calling costs are reduced, because instead of routing the calls through your service provider. Our callback system routes the calls through our networks in place in the U.S.A where the rates are much lower

This is the concept behind International Callback. This reduction in costs for international calling allows us to be more competitive in the international market place. It also allows individuals to stay more in contact with friends and family members.

Our callback service is already being used in Saudi Arabia by business travellers, visitors and pilgrims to the holy places of Medina and Mecca and expatriate workers from around the world.

Our prepaid mobile phone cards also make a great gift for family members and friends who travel to Saudi Arabia to visit the holy places

We use a 6-second billing method. That means you receive a more accurate bill and more savings. Most mobile service providers charge you for a whole minute. Even if you have only talked for a few seconds which adds at least 10% more to your phone bill.

You can purchase the value of $10, $20, $30, $40 or more of pin numbers to make your calls.

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