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Lefties Online: opinions and assessment of Inditex's most anticipated online store

Lefties, the low-cost chain belonging to the Inditex Group and which competes directly with the Irish brand Primark, has finally decided - in September 2020 - to launch into the world of eCommerce. In this way, all the brands of the Spanish retail fashion giant remain operating in the 'online' sector.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Lefties - which, then, did not have an eCommerce channel - enabled the well-known 'Click & Collect' in its establishments ; a web functionality that allowed its customers to reserve items from the page itself and go to the store only to make the payment and collect the item. The previous step to definitely launch into eCommerce.

In addition, taking into account the speed at which the company is growing, which had a turnover of 260 million euros in 2018 and which in the last three years has successfully landed in four new markets, currently being present in Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia, Dubai, Mexico, Russia, Qatar and Saudi Arabia , entering the world of eCommerce with his latest firm was, without a doubt, a pending task.

So, next, we will analyze the latest eCommerce launch of the Galician giant: Lefties.

Lefties, Inditex's low cost signature: simple, elegant and stylish

The Lefties website is created with its clients in mind completely. Some clients who define themselves by being interested in simple, stylish and trendy fashion ; as the site appears to be . In addition, surely to more than one of us, the page transmits a certain air of similarity to Zara: which we could call her older sister .



At the web structure level

At the level of web structure, Lefties has a simple and usable website : with a slider on the Home that changes with the most recent news, such as seasonal collections, new releases or sales times. Furthermore, on the left side of the site, always visible until the moment of entering the section, it has a menu divided into the different product categories : women, men, children, accessories and footwear.

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While it is true that, despite the fact that the web has an easy and usable structure, it has something that could be improved; that, to tell the truth, other brands of the fast fashion group drag equally : the moment a user accesses the page, and wants to navigate and see all the production of a collection, for example, they will not be able to do so continuously Instead, you will have to visit category by product category . That is, you will first see the category of dresses. Then the one with sweatshirts. Then the one for coats. And so on continuously. Although it is true that the way in which it is established turns out to be much more orderly, it would not hurt to have the typical "See all" button.

In addition to the above, we can also mention the top search engine available, which performs searches in several ways: either through keywords or directly with the product reference. Without a doubt, this last reading is frankly interesting when it comes to checking if products seen in the store are available on the web, without going crazy: take a picture with your mobile of the label of the product in store and, in a matter of seconds You can check on the website if it is also available online.

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On the other hand, at the product level - unsurprisingly -, it has a great variety that we cannot complain about. In particular, when accessing each product as such, it offers information on size, reference, composition, care and availability in stores . Without a doubt, 100% complete. In addition, it adds the particularity of being able to share the product, directly, on social networks (although, at the moment, it only has buttons to share on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and send as email). Ah! And, as a good brand interested in the loyalty of its customers, it has a space for registering its newsletter .

In terms of personalization and user service, it stands out for collecting the latest products visited at the bottom of the site. In addition to having -for further customization- a user profile through which to make purchases, track orders and have a history of tickets, among other things. However, Lefties - like the rest of the brands of the Galician company - does not give the user the opportunity to make purchases without having previously registered: it should give the possibility of buying as a guest user.

Lefties online store: shipments, returns and payment methods

Regarding shipments, Lefties does not meet what is expected of a brand with an "economic" image: it will only send free of charge when the purchase amount exceeds € 39 . However, it has the possibility of collecting the product in the store completely free of charge; something that, despite being a positive point for the brand, is still something that is already used by practically all retail firms; both the Inditex Group and others. Regarding the amount of shipping costs, it establishes different scales depending on the time that the user is willing to wait; € 3.99 for standard delivery (3 to 5 days) and € 5.99 for express delivery (1 to 2 days).

For its part, it allows you to make two types of returns for online purchases. The first and most traditional: through Lefties establishments within a maximum period of 30 days from the moment of purchase. The second: at a delivery point, for which it will only be necessary to place a label that is automatically generated when requesting the return in the user profile. However, and as a not so positive aspect, returns of this type have a cost of € 1.99, which will be deducted from the total amount of the return.


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