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shift rostering app  -  KNOW is a superapp for frontline teams that transforms non-desk-based workers into superheroes while making the lives of traditional business owners/operators infinitely easier. With KNOW, companies can enhance operations, foster effective communication, and achieve optimal productivity with their frontline workers. Used across industries such as Logistics, Construction, Retail, Hospitality, and Manufacturing, KNOW offers a comprehensive solution that combines instant visibility into on-ground activities with empowering desk-less workers through tools and information to excel in their roles and enjoy their work. By leveraging KNOW, companies can seamlessly: 1. Digitize all operational checklists, forms, and audits, ensuring efficient and paperless workflows. 2. Simplify scheduling and enhance workforce management by planning shifts and effortlessly tracking attendance. 3. Enable prompt resolution of issues, requests, faults, and incidents, improving service delivery through swift problem-solving. 4. Modernize staff training by providing a user-friendly platform for comprehensive training programs. 5. Facilitate effective communication and consistent adherence to protocols by informing every staff member about crucial company SOPs, notices, news, and policies.

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