Semyon Segal, DDS

The inspiration behind our office is to deliver quality dental care for all of our patients in a manner that makes them feel genuinely cared for. We strive to make them feel a sense of belonging, almost like a "family feeling' and a feeling of familiarity.  After each visit, we want the patients to look forward to seeing us again. We want them to almost forget that they are in a dental office!Our strong points: The family office environment vibe that we give off. Patients are not just a number; we remember specific things about them and treat them like we have known them for years. The feeling that they leave with is a huge selling point.  Dr. Segal also delivers emotional connection with patients and is able to connect with each and every single one of them. In return, that creates patients who are most likely to return and refer everyone they know.  The quality of care is another selling point, Dr. Segal’s dental knowledge and bed side manner makes patients appointment efficient and quick.  Patient’s always tell me “wow, that was quick, thank you”. Our staff is another selling point, the kindness delivered towards our patients by every staff member brings another sense of comfort and value for our patients.We want to portray and image of a high end dental boutique with high end quality dental work. I want our prices too be feasible for all individuals however, attract a higher end clientele.Our ideal customer is an individual who cares about their overall health and well being. That person is preferably someone of higher income  and social status and who will not try to bargain on our prices.  Our ideal customer is an adult who is educated and also kind and trusts our expertise. We work hand in hand with master ceramists who create state of the art dental veneers and crowns. We have lab technicians come and meet our patients to get accurate shade guide/shape and we create an exception product for our patients.  We also have hygienists who work 5 days a week and who have been in the business for decades.  We are multi-language office who speaks Russian, French, English, Spanish, Portuguese.Dr. Segal started practicing dentistry in 2009. After moving to the United States Dr. Segal was selected to attend the highly competitive and prestigious international program at the University of California, San Francisco School of Dentistry (UCSF). He graduated with honors and went on to private practice. As part of his commitment to learning and staying on the cutting edge of dentistry, Dr. Segal regularly attends various annual esthetic dentistry and implant conferences.Caring for his patients’ oral health and beautiful smiles has been Dr. Segal’s passion for over 10 years. As such, Dr. Segal's possesses strong expertise and passion for full mouth rehabilitations, where the entire mouth and smile are restored to amazing health and beauty. He has performed hundreds of reconstructive and surgical procedures, including immediate implant placement, implant-supported hybrid prosthetics and a variety of other restorative procedures. Dr. Segal implements an individualized approach to every patient. His primary focus is in Esthetic dentistry and Smile transformations. He considers the patient's desires and individuality and does his best to meet his patient's cosmetic expectations and oral health goals. Dr. Segal utilizes innovative technology and comprehensive knowledge to achieve great results.

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