Scrap Car Removal GTA

Scrap Car removal GTA is the well-known customer-centric company offering professional junk car removal in Toronto and charity car donation in the different cities of Ontario, Canada. They purchase your used junk or scrap truck, car or van but also gives more money than its resale value on the spot. They offer free towing services with an hour of contact. The company always gives importance to customer satisfaction over the profit. Please call today at 647-568-6855 for scrap car removal in Toronto or Ontario, Canada.

Company Overview:

At Scarp Car Removal GTA; we provide auto wrecker and vehicle disposing services all over the region of Ontario, Canada. We are the top service provider in disposing of junk vehicles since 1995. We are a green company to dispose of the car in a legitimate way that means, we dispose of your vehicle in a way that it doesn’t harm our environment. We process your vehicle in a very eco-friendly way and follow all the federal, municipal, provincial regulations. We provide professional service and cash for the disposal of your junk vehicle on the same day.

Hours of business operation: 7 days in a week from 7 am to 7 pm.

Year of establishment: 1995.

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