Sante Barley

Our company started with direct-selling back in 2007. We researched and discovered the health benefits of barley grass to help our customers improve their lives. Back then, we started further research and development of everyday barley products for the market. As the fruit of that research, we are now offering Santé Barley, a brand that is the best barley grass supplier of pure barley grass sourced from New Zealand. We are now expanding globally and are currently present in the Philippines, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, UAE, Qatar, Nigeria, and Cyprus.

Our trusted and reliable network shared their success stories about how they were able to use our products in their daily life. Read the stories of Shirley Reginaldo, who became a believer in the health benefits of barley grass; Joel Luyong, who is a self-made man and a Santé Hall of Famer; and Marlene Barreto, who found her life advocacy in helping improve other people’s lives with barley.

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