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Redefine Healthcare is a modern pain management  practice delivering exceptional, high-quality, individualized pain care in the heart of New Jersey's Middlesex County in Edison. Using the most advanced equipment, our clinic provides the state of the art pain management care as well as chiropractic and physical therapy services. If you are in pain, schedule an appointment at our rehabilitation center to receive the pain relief you require in the reassuring hands of the best pain doctors in Edison, New Jersey, and the surrounding area.

Our Interventional Pain Management specialists are among the best in the region, offering a comprehensive range of medical treatments for patients suffering from acute and chronic pain such as the back, shoulder, sciatica, knee, and neck. We focus on diagnosing and treating chronic pain using minimally invasive procedures. Our specialists in this field use various techniques, such as nerve blocks, spinal cord stimulation, and epidural injections, to help alleviate pain and improve the quality of life for patients suffering from acute and chronic pain.

Our Services:
Sciatica Treatment
Back Pain Treatment
Knee Pain Treatment
Hip Pain Treatment
Shoulder Pain Treatment
Neck Pain Treatment

If you are in pain we can help. If you have any questions for our team of top pain management specialists in Edison, NJ, please contact us by phone at: (732) 906-9600.

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Redefine Healthcare - Edison, NJ
10 Parsonage Rd Suite 208, 
Edison, NJ 08837
(732) 906-9600

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Recent Reviews

Alyson Ellis
March 2023

Great service. The doctor there are very friendly and kind. Great experience and thank you for the easy and quick process. Highly recommend!

Miranda Butler
July 2023

Redefine Healthcare - Edison exceeded my expectations in treating my neck pain. The medical team's expertise and dedication were evident throughout the process. They provided personalized care, addressing the root cause of my pain. The clinic's focus on advanced treatments and compassionate approach made me feel confident and well-cared for. I am delighted with the results and highly recommend Redefine Healthcare - Edison to anyone seeking effective neck pain treatment.

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