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A process server is a person or company that delivers summons, complaints, and other legal documents to defendants in a lawsuit. Often, these documents are delivered by hand to the defendant's residence or place of business. Process servers must be aware of any restrictions on their activities so they do not violate any laws when performing their jobs. Process servers must also be able to accurately identify themselves and explain the purpose of their visit in case they are asked. Process servers may work on a contract basis for attorneys, who hire them to serve documents. Other work for bail bondsmen and bounty hunters who use them to track down people who have skipped bail or failed to appear in court. Others may work for professional process serving companies that provide services nationwide. They are typically hired on a flat fee basis to serve legal papers in civil lawsuits. The process server does not act as an attorney or agent for either party. rather, he or she simply delivers documents from one party to another. The job requires being able to handle stressful situations with professionalism and tactfulness, as well as having good communication skills and being able to think quickly on your feet when someone asks you questions about why you are there or why they should let you into their home or place of business. Process servers must be trustworthy and honest because they work with sensitive information about people's personal finances and other private matters. They must keep confidential any information about legal cases that they learn during their work. Process servers may have to testify in court about the services they provide, so honesty is very important for their jobs as well as their reputations.

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