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World renowned Forensic Cybecrime Private Investigator (eVestigator® Simon Smith) is a licensed Cyber Forensic Private Investigator specialist and Cyber Expert Witness for the Courts. He has given intelligence leading to jail sentences in relation to Cyber-Stalking cases and further has solved major Scams that are known to Australia, for example, the fake Microsoft Technical Support Scam (Worth over $2M) and various dating/fraud scams in the millions also. Complimentary to this, he is a Master of IT, staying away from the traditional geek cliché, 25 years ago he was programming when he was 11, and making games on a green screen tape-deck Amstrad CPC-464 when his brothers were playing them.

He literally grew up with the consumer internet as a programmer from its birth to today and has seen the foundations at a very low level from a security perspective, and Cyber Risk perspective. He has been trained as an Expert Witness by the University of NSW under the training of Barrister Hugh Selby and is an expert witness listed on the Law Institute of Victoria’s website, amongst others.

World renowned forensic private investigator (eVestigator® Simon Smith), being an expert programmer, also in knowing the foundations from the beginning, has achieved the below handful of Qualifications. Since the age of 21 he was training advanced programming at Swinburne University, furthermore he was placed into the workplace by demand at 19 years old and made a Senior Analyst Programmer for a leading CRM company, developing complex solutions for customers such as Glaxo Smith Kline, Goodman Fielder, Arnott's, and the Crown to name a handful. At 21, he wrote Pocket PC software and created a digital dictation business, one of the biggest in America, allowing physicians and lawyers to dictate to transcriptionists well before the iPhone and Android age via a Smartphone, and furthermore gained several medico-legal clients. He also has opened up Australia’s largest private TAFE and is an entrepreneur at heart.

From a security perspective, World renowned forensic private investigator // (eVestigator® World renowned forensic private investigator has been involved in High Tech Lockdowns, and is extremely experienced in the area of cyber-attacks and IP Tracing and has in fact solved hundreds of crimes in this area. He is very experienced in Employment fraud and has directed his case study surrounding similar situations. He practices as both a CEO to a large private TAFE and a Digital Forensic Expert Witness and Private/Factual Investigator, as well as an Expert Cyber Security Investigator and Auditor and Data Recovery Expert, including biometrics, voice, facial and signature forensics and more.

He has also developed a computer-implemented patent in the Education industry, which has succeeded all the way to the High Court of Australia on challenge. His patent, revolutionising the education industry is being watched by the world as it is an intellectually crafted invention that involves the use of a computer, which has driven the need for a global definition of manner of manufacture. Essentially, World renowned forensic private investigator (eVestigator® Simon Smith)’s patent is and will be precedent for the next hundred years in this area.

 He is a Mobile App Store Developer and a Computer Systems Source Code Auditor and Due Diligence expert. World renowned forensic private investigator (eVestigator® Simon Smith) offers a vast range of Specialist Investigative and IT Services. He is also a Cyber-bullying Expert, Cyber-Crime Investigator, Insurance Cyber-Risk Assessor, Data Loss/Prevention Assessor, Online/Offline Fraud Assessor, Intellectual Property Loss Assessor, eDiscovery and Education Industry Expert. He is an expert with iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac, Java, and Windows CE/Nokia Computer Forensic & Data Recovery Factual Expert. He has been called upon to find holes in other expert opinions, stopping them from reaching the Supreme Court, and succeeded on two occasions with ease, by pinpointing several flaws. As a programmer he is not limited to the ‘tools on the shelf’. He simply ‘makes his own’.

He knows the internet like the back of his hand, and holds several Qualifications in Security, Investigations and Government, as well as Cyber Forensics Ethical Hacking and more.  He is a Microsoft Windows Certified Programmer, Commonwealth Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP, ADRP) and trainer of such, Nationally Accredited Mediator (NAM), Ethical Hacking/Reverse Engineering Expert, Government Intelligence Expert, Surveillance and Cyber-Intrusion and loss mitigation expert. He has solved countless workplace cases involving ex-employee fraud, Director Fraud, IP Theft, and secured environments that have literally been exposed to several countries. He is an expert protocol analyser and penetration tester and can identify holes or risks, and mitigate such risks in his profession.

He is known as Australia’s leading Cyber Forensic Expert and is very much in demand in this evolutionary industry. He wishes to share his knowledge with others and create a primary school adaptation of Cyber Awareness via his company eVestigator®. He has been running for over seven years now.

He holds several Post-Graduate Qualifications many covering innovation, security and digital education including the following qualifications;

·         Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) – Granted by US Accredited Uni ITU Online.

·         University of NSW - Expert Witness Training Certificate

·         Graduate Certificate in Digital Education

·         Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems Technology

·         Advanced Diploma of Network Security

·         Graduate Diploma of Telecommunications and Strategic Management

·         Graduate Certificate in Information Technology Sustainability

·         Certificate IV in Intelligence Operations

·         Certificate III in Investigative Services

·         Certificate IV in Government Investigations (Government Investigator)

·         Certificate IV in Security and Risk Management (VIC PI Electives)

·         Diploma of Security and Risk Management (Cyber Security Analyst)

·         Graduate Certificate in Information Technology and Strategic Management (Expert Programmer/IT industry)

·         Graduate Diploma of Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing

·         Diploma of Government (Fraud Control)

·         Diploma of Government (Security)

·         Certificate IV in Programming

·         Diploma of Information Technology

·         Advanced Diploma of Program Management

·         Advanced Diploma of Project Management

·         Diploma of Digital Media Technologies

·         Diploma of Government (Investigation)

·         Certificate IV in Government (Security)

·         Graduate Certificate in International Education Services                                                               

·         Graduate Certificate in Statutory Child Protection

·         Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling

·         Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership

·         Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution (Commonwealth Appointed FDRP)

·         Certificate IV in Mediation (Also a Nationally Accredited Mediator - LEADR Member)

·         Diploma of Government (Workplace Relations)

·         Graduate Diploma in Management (Learning)

·         Certificate IV in Web-Based Technologies

·         Certificate III in Intelligence Operations

·         Graduate Certificate in Career Development Practice

·         Graduate Diploma of Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Leadership

·         Advanced Diploma of Network Security

·         Diploma of Leadership and Management

·         Advanced Diploma of Network Security

·         Graduate Certificate in Management (Learning)

·         Diploma of Counselling

·         Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management

·         Advanced Diploma of Management

·         Diploma of Quality Auditing

·         Diploma of Training Design and Development

·         Certificate IV in Training & Assessment

·         Advanced Diploma of Marketing

·         Diploma of Project Management

·         Advanced Diploma of Management (Human Resources)

·         Diploma of Practice Management

·         Diploma of Vocational Education and Training

·         Diploma of Training, Design & Development

·         Diploma of Business

·         Advanced Diploma of Business

·         Diploma of Management

·         Diploma of Human Resources Management

·         Certificate IV in Marriage Celebrancy

·         Diploma of Business Administration

·         Diploma of Counselling


(·        Diploma of Training and Assessment

·         Vocational Education and Training in Schools Certificate in Information TechnologyMore extensive Qualifications, Appointments and Case Studies on the website.

He gHe gives a free review and can be called in Australia on +61410643121.



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