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Presha cleaning is one of the leading pressure washing provider in Brisbane and the surrounding areas. Our company is comprised of experts with over 40 years of experience and if that much longevity in the field is a gauge of how good the service waiting for your property is, then, you're definitely in good hands. Our main goal is to provide outstanding pressure washing results for properties' exteriors, especially roofs and floors. Besides that, you'll be glad to know that our company is fully insured and this means an extra edge in giving customers more effective and secured service, no matter how big the size of the project is. If you require a superb pressure washing for your residential concrete driveway, commercial space, industrial facility, retirement home, sports court, Presha Cleaning is the right choice. Another characteristic of Presha Cleaning is that it's 100% owned and managed company by a Brisbane family who has been giving extra ordinary pressure washing services to diverse homes and businesses within the location. Besides the usual patrons, body corporate, real estate agents, and other entities are among its long list of clients. You can avail of our service as one-off, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually. Our company is on a mission to bring the best pressure washing service by using top-quality cleaning equipment and to ensure that our crew is well-trained to operate them. Further, we assess the property's surface first before we decide on what type cleaning to apply. Concrete, terracotta, terrazzo, colorbond, etc.; we treat each material differently. If you are considering disposing your property for some reason, a good pressure washing can definitely provide some advantages. Remember that buyers can be lured into checking a property not just because of location, price, and amenities, etc. but also how ready they can be used. Cleanliness is a clear indication that the property is well-maintained, which adds to its overall appeal. Because of that, it can draw more interest and demand. Another proof of how good the services that we offer are the testimonies of past clients over the internet. They are literally everywhere, especially in Google, social networking sites, and forums. People have left positive comments about us as evidenced by the photos of the before and after shared subsequent to the project completion. It's not just a mere self-promotion for us as these are backed up by satisfied customers claiming receiving superb service. To repeat, having insurance gives us the edge in carrying out our services with so much confidence due to the backup protection. That, coupled with using the right gears, especially when taking jobs that involve heights gives clients the peace of mind due to reduced risks of accidents. This is something you become vulnerable to when hiring budget pressure washing services online. You run the risk of damaging your exterior during pressure washing if not done by professionals plus the risk of injury is also high if they are not well trained to operate their equipment. You can definitely relax with Presha Cleaning as we take our job by heart. Hot and humid weather is the number one culprit for the growth of mould, moss, and lichen; something that Brisbane is very known for. These are not only considered eyesores but also make your property look older than it actually it. What's even worse is that these tend to sprout in hard-to-reach areas that regular cleaning can easily miss. Good thing Presha Cleaning can save the day by providing a reliable service without negative effects to your property's exteriors, which can be delicate. If you're considering proximity as a deciding factor, you have to take note that our team of 8 pressure washers are all based in Brisbane. Our serviceable areas also include the Gold Coast, Moreton Bay, and Ipswich. If water source is a problem at the project location, don't worry as our company can always bring our own tank water should the need arises. Don't hesitate to call our ever-friendly customer service support today at hotline number (07) 3132 1833. We'll be happy to serve you, starting off with an obligation-free quote. Get that superb pressure washing service from Presha Cleaning! 

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