Plexus Medical Recruitment

Plexus Medical Recruitment provides a free service to doctors from all specialities who are considering working in Australia on a temporary or permanent basis. If you feel the need for change and you are a doctor working in the UK, Germany, Ireland, USA, Canada, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France, Austria, Spain or Switzerland then Plexus Recruitment is in a unique position to help you realise your dream.

A medical post in Australia offers you the chance for new career challenges in an intellectually stimulating yet socially relaxed environment. Living in Australia gives you the opportunity for a low cost, outdoor life-style with a high standard of living. Australia is a country with an enviable climate and gives you the chance to both ski AND surf! Australia is safe and relatively crime free country where there are limitless opportunities for the enjoyment of culture and sport and it is a great place for you to raise your children.

If this is the opportunity you are looking for then Plexus Recruitment Agency can help.

Plexus provides the following services to you:

matching you with the best medical position available for your speciality assisting you through the assessment of you qualifications assisting you with medical registration in Australiahelp with visa and migration issuesplanning the logistics of your move and a wonderful welcome packageon-going support following your move
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