Rules for Choosing a Twin Size Platform Bed

A twin platform can be used by an adult, youth, or even little ones. They are excellent for solitary sleepers and must be chosen carefully.
They can be plain or with features such as footboards, headboards, storage space, and sideboards. Although it is not a must they have all the features, how can you choose a twin size platform bed?

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Choose Durable and Appealing Material

They are available in different materials that you can choose from. It should be based on durability, aesthetic appeal, and comfort. Wood is classic and timeless and excellent for different kinds of home styles. Choose high-quality wood such as pine.

Just like wood, choose durable metal such as iron or steel. They are highly recommended due to their sturdiness and durability. They are best for an industrial or modern look.

If you opt for a twin size platform bed, choose a material that is easy to maintain, comfortable, and attractive. The frame material can either be wood or metal.

Get a More Comfortable One

Headboards, footboards, and sideboards make a bed more comfortable. Rather than buying a bed frame only, make it more comfortable with other features. If the user sits up in bed a lot, whether reading or watching TV, include a headboard. A footboard will also help keep the mattress and bedding in place. One only has to tuck them into the edge.

Easy To Assemble

It is another crucial factor that is a must consider when choosing a ➽➽➽ twin size platform bed. The bed is shipped in pieces, will you struggle to put it together? Perhaps you live in an apartment, and you move from one to the other due to your nature of work. It requires a lot of disassembling and assembling. In this case, make sure the bed that you purchase is easy to assemble.

Whether You Need Storage Space

Perhaps you need extra storage space in the bedroom. Consider choosing a twin-size platform bed either with in-built storage space or one with underneath clearance. When it includes drawers and shelves, it will help in keeping the room more organized.

No Box Spring

When buying a platform bed, do not buy a box spring as it is not required. The design of these beds is excellent to use without a mattress. It is unnecessary, and since it is not, there is no need to spend extra dollars on one. When you choose the right bed, the mattress will stay in place, no sagging, and will be comfortable. You do not have to worry about stability and support.


When choosing a twin-size platform bed, it is paramount to understand the basic requirements. They include quality, stability, sturdiness, comfort, and durability. Take your time in the search with the basics in mind. Besides, be on the lookout for attractive ones that will match perfectly with the style of your bedroom or home. There are numerous options, and you can find a ➽➽➽ twin platform bed that goes with your preferences.


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