Omilos The Beach Club

On Nea Paralia, Thessaloniki, with the most breathtaking view is the location of Omilos The Beach Club. We are waiting for you to enjoy every relaxing moment along with exceptional cocktails and fine dining. Our renovated facility brings together simplicity and elegance. 

Discover the alluring setting for your coffee, the abundance of the Greek earth and sea, seasonality through our meals, inspired cocktails, and great tastes from an impressive wine list

At Omilos The Beach Club, we rely on authentic cuisine and we are trying to inspire our guests through the taste of the best regional Greek ingredients. Brunch and breakfast is served until 1PM every day, the rest of the time you can enjoy our snack menu. The restaurant menu is here for you during the whole day. Moreover, throughout the day you will enjoy refreshing drinks and cocktails. 

To get the full experience, you need a sunny day, some good company, and plenty of time. The unhurried philosophy here is all about sharing—dishes, stories, laughs. Becoming one with the eternal waves, this is the best place for your special occasions.

We are here to offer our best services with unique character, our culinary experience combined with hospitable staff will make your moments unique.

Omilos The Beach Club Gallery

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