Research has proved that oil pulling is helpful for elimination of different types of ailments in digestive system. This method is also working well for elimination of hormonal problems. Oil pulling is helpful for normal flow of mucous due to which the process of detoxification is increased and problems of sinuses and throat are removed. You must use best oil for oil pulling in order to increase benefits. 



The process is simple. You need some oil and you must place it in your mouth and swish it for almost 20 minutes. Any time can be used for this process. Best time is when you wake up in the morning. Make sure to practice before eating anything. You can select any time of the day but before eating anything you must use oil pulling. Make sure to use cold and raw oil for this process.

After using this process for some minutes you will start to get benefits. Move the oil in your mouth and around the teeth to reach all the parts of oral cavity and have good results. You must complete the time of 20 minutes to get benefits. If you need to spit the oil due to large stock of mucous in your throat and the time is not yet completed then you must spit the oil with mucous and start the process again. Take a spoon of oil and start swishing till 20 minutes.



There are many types of oils which can be used in the process. Olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil and butter oil have been used for the process with good results. Many people like to use coconut oil as it is giving different types of benefits which are not found with other oils.

You can improve oral health and reduce the chances of infections when you are using coconut oil in the process of oil pulling. Coconut oil can be made as medicated to increase the benefits. You can use any type of oil in this process but coconut oil has proved to give many types of benefits so it is recommended to be used in this process. Coconut oil can be considered as best oil for oil pulling to get a lot of benefits.

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