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You should always wonder, I have a great idea but which technology should I use to develop the application?
How much does this cost to me?
Does the technology follow if my users give millions of hits in a seconds?

You are planning to develop a mobile application, you have to develop an application with Flutter. 

Flutter 2.2 is released and there are lots of benefits like null safety, one code base included.

  • You are going to build mobile applications for android,iOS,web-browsers and desktop with a single code base. You read it correctly flutter 2.0 provides production support for the web too.
  • You can design, develop beautiful user experiences with flutter 2.0.
  • Moreover, Flutter can expand support for the windows, Linux, Mac OS desktop application.
  • You save around 30% your productivity while developing applications with flutter.
  • There are 2,00,000 flutter applications on google play store and increasing the flutter community too.

Does my application build in flutter?


You should check the flutter developer stories published by Google i/o.

 Here are the fews(Source: From Google i/o).

1) AliBaba : (E-commerce venture)
Alibaba uses flutter technology to develop flutter applications to reduce the development time and provide better user interface to the user.
Flutter comes with the best material UI to provide the best User experience to user.

2) GRAB : (Chain supplier, Service industry,Food Industry)
Grab team reduced development time to ⅓ to do production release for the flutter.

3) BMW : (Product Industry, Car mechanic, listing , Service Industry)
BMW has the largest flutter development team privately. BMW has a beautiful User Experience application for the user to provide the service, support application for the user.

4)  NUBank : (Finance Sector)
Nubank is the leading bank into the south asia market. The bank hire Flutter developer in Ahmedabad. Bank has 35 million users and they increase 30% productivity.

5)Kotak Security, Google Pay : Finance application, India’s largest Bank, Live Trade application)
Kotak Security does the trade with the awesome flutter application. The Single code based structure helps the team to launch the application faster,smoother, and more productively.


6) Tacent (WeChat and more messages app)
The flutter frame rate helps to go for the better low-end devices.
These are the sample applications presented in the Google i/o.

I have an existing Application in Android, iOS why I switched to flutter?

Your application has the beautify Users Interface when you switch to flutter. Cross platform hybrid mobile applications with flutter have a single code-based system. Your productivity increased with the flutter development instead of the native development. Flutter has the null safety, hot reload, hot restart features which helps to make the live UI changes. Flutter provides the default SDKs support too to use the 3rd party library for the flutter.


I am ready to Develop a flutter application!

Write down your idea with the pen paper or draft a mail. You should send it to a flutter development company in India. We have an experienced dedicated developer team who can work for your company closely. You can hire dedicated resources for your flutter development team.


Flutter is the Future of the Hire cross platform mobile application development. Flutter backed by Google, Google is putting apps into the production release with the flutter.
Lots of other major companies use Flutter for their production environment. 

Flutter provides beautiful material design with apps to match the native looks for the iOS and android mobile application. Flutter 2.2 provides the production release support for the web browser. You can switch your native mobile application to flutter as well.

So, what do you think of all of these? Are you going to develop an application in flutter ? And what has worked for you that I didn’t discuss here?

NovusCode has the expert flutter developers who are working closely with the flutter community, updated with the latest flutter changes, more than 5+ years of experienced in technology field and 2+ years experienced in flutter development.

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