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When you partner with Mosquito Authority-West Palm Beach, FL, for your mosquito control in West Palm Beach, FL, you choose a locally owned and operated business. We have a personal stake in our community, so our goal is to earn your business and impress you with our caring approach. Here at Mosquito Authority in West Palm Beach, FL, we have the mosquito elimination process down to a science. Contact us today if you are ready to get serious about controlling pests in your yard. Mosquito control in West Palm Beach, FL, is based on the three-week life cycle of the typical mosquito. This 21-day span takes a mosquito from larvae stage to full adult. It is commonly known that mosquitoes breed around water. This is why the first step in any West Palm Beach, FL mosquito control plan is to eliminate standing water on your property. Working with us isn’t just a great way to reclaim your yard from annoying mosquitoes and ticks; it’s also an essential investment in your family’s health.

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931 Village blvd, Suite 905-333, West Palm Beach, Florida, United States, 33409
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