Mosaic Family Office

Mosaic Family Office is a South African based multi-family office professional providing innovative financial solutions to solve the complex financial concerns of its clients. Mosaic Family Office offers niche and customized professional services to affluent individuals, their families, and their related businesses. Mosaic Family Office takes a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach to create solutions that will let our clients to protect and manage their wealth for present and future generations. Mosaic Family Office's tax services include submitting annual and provisional tax returns, assisting with tax audits, obtaining tax clearance certificates, offering expert tax opinions, query management, tax registration, and all other aspects relevant to our clients. Mosaic Family Office's structuring services design and build local and offshore inheritance structures in a safe and tax-efficient manner suited to the unique needs of each client, their families, and their assets. Mosaic Family Office's insolvency remote corporate trust companies provide independent fiduciary services to local and offshore structures. Mosaic Family Office's administration services ensure the effective operation and maintenance of inheritance structures. Mosaic Family Office's philanthropy services design, develop and administer public benefit organisations to enable our clients to make tax-deductible donations in support of their philanthropic endeavours.

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Zotos House 183 Smit Street Fairland, Randburg, Gauteng, South Africa, 2170
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