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Our business is to help clients succeed by designing and implementing creative marketing communications programs. To do this, we follow a six-step process to develop and implement an effective marketing communications plan.Most good communications programs last 24 to 36 months, then need a rethinking. The diagram is circular to show that the process is cyclical, with the last step leading back into the first as we constantly refresh your communications plan.Research

The foundation of any effective communications program is thorough research. We find out everything we can about your business, your competitors, your industry, your constituencies, and anything else relevant to your communications situation. You know your business best, so be prepared to answer plenty of questions.

Situation Analysis

We take the research and make judgments about what is and is not important in what we learned. We seek to truly understand your communications situation and to develop key observations that we will take into account in designing your plan.

Program Design

This is the step where we use both objective research and creative insight to produce a detailed marketing communications plan covering two-to-three years. The plan contains specific recommendations for marketing activities plus proposed budgets and timelines. Having a plan ensures that your resources are spent wisely and on activities that truly move the needle. The program design is a plan to follow to achieve your overall business goals.

Program Launch

We often compare this step to getting a space shuttle off the ground. It requires extra attention, resources, and personnel to break the inertia of what you have been doing and launch a whole new program consisting of such elements as branding, collateral materials, videos, websites, advertising, and public relations.

Program Execution

This is the stage at which the program is up and running and we implement the projects in the program design. Rather than do ad hoc activities that may or may not be the right use of your resources, we carry out projects that we know are likely to reach your constituents and help you achieve your business goals.

Evaluation and Evolution

Even the best marketing communications program reaches a point at which it is time to evaluate its results and evolve it to reflect changes in your business goals or the marketplace. This step generally comes at 24-to-36 months into your marketing communications program. We establish the metrics by which the program should be judged, gather data about what went well and what didn’t, and report on the program’s impact. Then we start another cycle of research and situation analysis to revise, refresh, or reinvent your marketing communications program and make sure it is still aligned with your business goals. If you’d like to learn more about our process, let’s talk.

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