Meditation NZ

Meditation NZ is a New Zealand-based non-profit organisation that offers access to free yoga classes and meditation gatherings to anyone in Auckland. The teachers travel to various venues in the wider Auckland region, posting their class schedules in advance and allowing anyone to attend. The classes are adapted to suit all skill levels, meaning anyone can benefit from them. Meditation NZ's ultimate purpose is to help Kiwis young and old connect with their spirituality, hearts, and minds.

This organisation offers three key programs: yoga, meditation, and Kirtan. The first, yoga, incorporates yoga exercises of all levels to accommodate practitioners with all levels of experience. The yoga classes can be held in indoor or outdoor settings, depending on weather and availability, but all are designed to maximise the benefits of the practice. 

Secondly, Meditation NZ offers free mindfulness meditation courses or one-off classes. Mindfulness meditation focuses on the power of being present in one's thoughts and environment, releasing them from judgement and engaging in creating healthy behaviours and feelings. Whether you are seeking a deep meditation practice or simply an introductory course, Meditation NZ will have something for you.

Finally, anyone in Auckland can attend their Kirtan meditation classes to try a fun and powerful method of meditation. Kirtan relies on transcendental sound, immersing the participants in music to achieve meditation. 

No matter the type of meditation you are seeking, find it for free with Meditation NZ's variety of classes from experienced teachers. Visit the website today!

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