L A Warren Lawyers

L.A. Warren Lawyers are experts in litigation and commercial dispute resolution, particularly in building & construction, property, and professional services industries.


We are Australian experts in handling a wide range of legal matters, such as building and construction litigation, property litigation, commercial litigation, corporation litigation, complex litigation, government litigation, defamation litigation, taxation disputes, urgent litigation and injunctions, wills, trust and estate disputes, negligence litigation, professional conduct standards, special costs awards, Australian constitutional and administrative law disputes, shareholder and partner disputes, disputes leading to bankruptcy and insolvency, mediation and arbitration, and advocacy.


Our Principal, Mr. Leonard Warren, serves as a solicitor advocate in Australian courts, including the High Court of Australia, Federal Court, Supreme Court, Supreme Court of Appeal, County Court, Magistrates Court (limited to commercial cases), and VCAT (Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal).


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