HIGH-END AND LUXURY FIREARMS - We're a firearms manufacturer, gun builder and procurer of high-end firearms and accessories. We only rock the good things. Worlds Biggest Atlas Dealer/ TTI Distributor Located Online and in Orange County, Irvine, CA for a VIP Experience.
Pistols, Rifles, Consignments, Optics, Lights and Lasers
Night Vision/Thermal, Firearm Accessories, Soft Goods/Armor
Custom Builds & Gunsmithing of Accuracy International
Atlas Gunworks, Combat Precision, Barrett, Heckler & Koch, Knights Armament, Meridian Defense & various other brand name

KOVERT specializes in High-End 2011s and luxury firearms. We feature a VIP buying experience and exceptional product or services. We're the largest Atlas Gunworks Tactical dealers in the world. Dealers of Phoenix Trinity, Combat Precision and Taran Tactical.
Gunsmithing Solutions
Custom Firearm Builds
Gun Optics, Lights and Lasers

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44 Maxwell, Irvine, California, United States, 92618
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