Konet is a great Web Hosting Provider for company presentation websites, blogs, e-shops, developer websites and any kind of modern website. You can host your cool WordPress, Joomla, WooCommerce, Magento, Prestashop, Opencart, Virtuemart and even simple HTML website on our fast and secure servers on Konet. We have some fantastic hosting plans, including the Web Hosting plans which are great for small websites and the Semi Dedicated Hosting plans which are perfect for any kind of website. There are also the Managed WordPress Hosting and the Managed WooCommerce Hosting plans which are wonderful if your have a WordPress website. You can also find at us some pretty cool Dedicated Servers and VPS Hosting deals which you can combine with our server management services. Don't forget that we are an accredited Registrar too which means that you can register or transfer your domains at us. If you are looking to host your website on fast and secure servers, Konet is the place to do it with premium software, amazing professional support and 24 years of experience. Visit us today at konet.gr . 

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