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Some Criteria On How To Choose A High-end Vacuum Cleaner

Nowadays, most of us are very busy with work and do not have much time. Therefore, people often choose tools to support themselves to have more time to do other tasks.

There are countless different types of machines in the market with many levels, from high-end to mid-range models. Therefore, to avoid buying the wrong product, you should equip yourself with some basic knowledge.

This article will provide you with the criteria to evaluate vacuum cleaners to help you choose the best ones in top 10 vacuum cleaners for yourself.


A vacuum cleaner will have 2 capacities. The first is the machine capacity or, in other words, the power consumption capacity. You should choose a total of about 1600W, and avoid choosing too large a power source that will cost you a lot of electricity to operate the machine.

Next, a very important thing for a vacuum cleaner is suction power (suction force). Your cleaning machine's efficiency is largely due to its suction power. Contrary to machine capacity, remember, “the larger one, the better.”

You should choose a 400W device or more to suck perfectly. Normally, high-end vacuum cleaners will have low machine capacity and large suction capacity, and you should note this.

HEPA air filter

All high-end machines are equipped with a HEPA filter. This air filter can clean up to 99% of dirt and remove even very small dust particles. Even dust, fungal spores, and allergy-causing bacteria are completely filtered to help protect the health of family members and potentially help us avoid respiratory diseases.


Besides the Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners, the attached accessories will also determine the machine's productivity. In addition to the nozzle for hard floors, a round brush is also required to clean carpets, sofas, and membranes. Besides, the small slots also contain a lot of dirt that ordinary suction heads are difficult to clean. Therefore, a slot nozzle also needs to be equipped. If you have pets at home, a fur brush is also essential. For high working efficiency, high-end machines add a lot of accessories.

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Notes when buying a vacuum cleaner

  • Each house will be suitable for different types such as handheld vacuums, cordless vacuums, vertical vacuums, robot vacuums. You need to find out your needs before choosing a product to select the right best vacuum cleaners.
  • Choose reputable brands and stores to avoid buying floating and unknown goods. Each premium product comes with an anti-counterfeiting stamp and warranty so that you can spot counterfeits.
  • In addition to design, mass, you also need to consider the engine’s noise level to help you feel comfortable while operating. The recommended noise level is 40db-60b which will give the best feeling.
  • Dust container capacity is also quite important. To avoid having to empty the trash many times during cleaning. You should choose a dust container with a large ability to clean the whole house at once.

With the above best vacuum cleaner reviews, we hope you can have the experience to choose for yourself the best high-end vacuum cleaner. More importantly, avoid buying the wrong product. Thank you for following our article.

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