We break every barrier down in the journey of finding you the right tech team


Finding resources is simplified. At Itop, we understand that the first step is always the hardest. We simplify your kick-off process by presenting carefully curated and vetted candidates to save you the time and cost of looking for potential talents.


Risk and Loss are mitigated. As compelling as the promise of cost-saving and improved operating efficiency, there lies risks and losses in making the wrong decisions when hiring an external team. Itop acknowledges these risks and commits its best effort to mitigate these uncertainties in every part of the process.


Project cost is optimized. The 50,000-strong pool of candidates offers you the freedom of choice. Such a wide range of options ensures the best fit for your budget, getting you the most out of your project allocation.


Versatility is incorporated. Onshore, nearshore, or offshore? We can help you find your resources anywhere. Need on-demand talent for your team? You are covered. Itop strives to satisfy you with quality and versatility in operation.


The process is streamlined. We will guide you through a standardized and optimized pipeline that covers every aspect of the process from examining candidates, assessing information to tender management, contract management, and invoice management, etc.


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