iROCKER uses only the highest quality Triple Layer Composite military grade PVC in our inflatable paddleboards. Triple Layer Composite is our latest evolution in inflatable board construction, this allows us to deliver a board that is not only lighter in weight but also allows extra protection from impacts and helps to reduce flex over common single layer boards on the market. The maximum protection provided by the Triple Layer Composite equals increased durability and rigidity for the rider. New for this year many of the iROCKER boards feature dual cargo areas with safety handles on both front and rear cargo areas, nose, and tail grab handles, more D-Ring mounting points, 4 multi-use Action Mounts, logo stamped deck pad and an even lighter weight carbon blend paddle.
We have been inspired by you and we will continue to deliver the best overall value for your money when comparing us to other brands. Our SUPs are proudly designed by our team in Florida and sold in 34 different countries making us the global leader in stand-up Paddle Boards.


When it comes to water toys, this changes the game. And trust us, we know water toys. Fish off the side, bask in the heat, do yoga under sunsets, or use the inflatable dock as a large swimming pier in the middle of the lake. The Floating Dock enhances other activities making them even more playful and fun. Make the sea or lake your home with the ultimate water companion and feel confident knowing the sturdy inflatable design allows for easy pack down and set up.
Life is just better on the water.


Sun, fun, and water. Tell us a better trio. We’ll wait. All the best things happen on top of the water, so it’s time to reinvent your weekends and holidays with this floating water mat. Whether you are kicking back, relaxing in the sun, or creating the best on-water playground–this Floating Mat makes a memory that lasts a lifetime. The large Floating Mat features four tether points for an easy tie-down and rolls up for convenient storage – hassle-free, with no pre-thought needed.


The brave will try, but only a few will conquer this sturdy, relentless, Boat Towable tube. The thrill of speed and bumps in the wake, hanging on with every ounce of strength you have – only to be thrown in the water in the blink of an eye. The inflatable tube is designed to be towed by a boat, making for high speed, fast turns, and adrenaline-filled adventures. Throw one or two action-loving users onto the Boat Towable tube and roam the lake or sea today.
Life is better on the water.

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