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Integrated Protective Solutions

Integrated Protective Solutions (IPS), a Lawrenceville, GA Corporation was developed to provide an unrivaled collection of solutions to benefit Municipalities in the Southeastern United States.

Specialists in the arena of mobile application solutions, IPS utilizes both wired and WIFI networking configurations to provide remote connectivity to City Employees and its Departments.

VOIP communications, remote and mobile video applications, access to remote data, GPS, and the transmission of data throughout a city aid in the ability of Departments to effectively communicate, dispatch, and monitor its employees saving fuel, time and money.


Some examples of Departmental uses:


Overall: VOIP communication throughout the City.

City Hall: The transmission of data to secondary Departments within the municipality.

Police Departments: Remote Video, Mobile Video, GPS, Network connectivity for NCIC record acquisition.

Water Department: Wireless Water Meter Reading,

Fire Departments & EMS: Mobile video and transmission of patient data to other first responders and hospital facilities.


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