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How to find the best AV solution to meet your needs.Whether you are arranging a conference, exhibition, live event or seminar, we can help. Ignite AV will give you precisely what you want. We are an audio-visual solutions company with two simple aims: To remove all your worries about AV provision for your conference, exhibition, live event or seminar.To give you exactly what you need so you get the best possible resultsUse Ignite AV and you’ll have the advantage of dealing with one of the most professional companies in the audio-visual business. We provide:•    high quality equipment that’s regularly upgraded•    expert on-site technical support•    advice that puts you first •    convenient and fast delivery around the UK•    excellent valueFurthermore, with Ignite AV, you benefit from➢    a full AV service no matter how big or small your event ➢    friendly staff who listen to your needs and know what they’re doingYou can then focus on other aspects of your event. You can confidently leave the AV side to us.We have what you want to make your event a success…At Ignite AV, we can provide equipment for sound, visual effects, video projection, video recording and editing, bespoke set design and production, staging, and draping. We have it all.The best AV equipmentWhat’s more, we use only the best AV equipment. This includes brand name products such as Avolites, Canon, D & B, Draper, Robe, Formula Sound, Martin Audio, Sennheiser, Sanyo and Sony. We don’t believe in cutting corners. We know you must have the best to give your conference, exhibition, live event or seminar that competitive edge. Using high quality AV equipment also means you can rest assured that the equipment is reliable and durable. Please view our range of sound, lighting, computer, and video projection equipment now. And don’t forget to register here to get your exclusive price package.  You benefit from our experience and our quality serviceIgnite AV has a business model that’s exceptional. Its purpose is to give you a technical equipment hire service that’s the best in the UK.We know our business model works because we have more than 17 years’ experience in the audio-visual industry. We make a point of creating customer relationships that last from one year to the next. We value you: we listen to what you want and we give you what you need.Every one of our employees works hard on your behalf. They also have the creative skills you’d expect from a first class production company. Furthermore, we own our equipment. You benefit from this because we can ensure the equipment we give you is the best available. It has to be because our reputation depends on it. And owning our equipment means we can also cut costs. Again you benefit because we pass these savings on to you. Our experience, staff, technical equipment, locations and skills combine to give you a superb service.Contact us now and tell us what you need. Whether you want sound, lighting, computer, video projection or any other technical equipment, we will help.  Equipment Hire    For the best technical equipment hire company in the UK, choose Ignite AV. Whatever your production needs, we’ll meet them. Not only can we supply you lighting and sound equipment, we can also provide PPUs, cameras, playback facilities, vision mixers and so much more.We are adept at what we do – and this expertise is at your disposal, no matter how big or small your project or budget. You can also take advantage of our highly qualified creative and design staff. We can help you with straightforward graphics or a full-length video production. Just let us know what you want. We know this sounds like a cliché but it’s true: when you hire your AV equipment from Ignite AV, no job is too big or too small. We accommodate you whatever you want.You can also hire your audio-visual equipment for as long as you wish: a day, a week, a month or a year – it doesn’t matter. Call us now on 0845 754 4774 or send an email to email@igniteav.comEquipment Sales•    NewIf you’re looking to buy audio-visual equipment, you’ve come to the right place. Those of you who know precisely what you want will find great value branded products. However, if you need expert help based on years of practical experience, then contact us before you buy. We’ll be delighted to give you objective advice.Call us now on 0845 754 4774 or send an email to email@igniteav.com•    Used    We have some great used and ex-demo AV equipment available. When you buy these products from us, you not only save money - you can also be confident that you’re buying from a trusted source.To attain an up to date list of all used and ex demo AV Equipment available please call us now on 0845 754 4774 or send an email to email@igniteav.comIf you have good quality equipment for sale, why not let us quote you a price or let us sell it for you? Please send details in an email to email@igniteav.comSERVICES Whether you’re a commercial business or other organisation, you need events. Events are a proven way of maintaining and building relationships with your customers. They are also a great way of meeting new clients and promoting your brand.We realise, however, that events differ. All businesses and organisations have their own priorities. This is why you speak to Ignite AV. We listen to what you want and then deliver it. Organising an event can be complex and time-consuming. We help reduce the stress by handling every aspect of your AV equipment installation and management. There is nothing related to audio-visual equipment that we cannot do. This includes PA systems, lighting, translation, draping, stage and set design, video conferencing and video filming.At Ignite AV, we have an expert team dedicated to customer service. Our highly trained technicians and consultants listen to what you want and provide solutions. We make the task of arranging the AV equipment for your conference, exhibition, live event or seminar a pleasure not a problem.Call us now on 0845 754 4774 or send an email to email@igniteav.com•    ConferencesWe can help your conference run smoothly and effectively. This is why our customers come back to us time and again. Our creative staff, set designers and technicians work with you to produce conferences of exceptional standards. Contact us now to discuss your requirements.  •    Personal Development SeminarsPersonal development seminars rely on AV equipment for effective communication. The right AV equipment also shows delegates that your seminar is polished and professional. Use Ignite AV for the AV equipment that will help guarantee success for your seminars. Contact us now.  •    AGMsYour AGM can be the most important event in your calendar. At Ignite AV we work with you to make it a success. No matter how large or small your AGM, we’ll give you the production solution you need.We also understand that an AGM may require special equipment. This can include electronic voting systems and roving microphones. Just let us know what you want and we’ll have it ready for you.•    Product launchesYour product launch has to succeed. The future of your business may depend on it. You therefore want the best production company, Ignite AV, to help you.Find out how we can provide the facilities you need. If you’re hosting TV crews, press and photographers, we’ll sort out the technical equipment you require. We will work with you, and rehearse with you, to ensure your launch is perfect.    •    Road showsRoad shows are a popular way of spreading your message here and abroad. However, moving around, making frequent stops, and setting up equipment at different venues requires special expertise. Let us help you. We have the facilities you need to make every event a success and to keep your show on the road.  •    Award ceremoniesAward ceremonies are always well attended, so you want to make the best impression possible. Our expertise helps you achieve this goal. We provide the sound, lighting, computer and video projection equipment that makes the ceremony totally professional. •    ExhibitionsIf you’re attending or mounting an exhibition, call Ignite AV. We can design and build any type of stand, and can incorporate technology that is sure to impress potential clients. We can also design your stand with appropriate logos and branding so that it stands out from the competition. Contact Ignite AV and let us help you gain new customers.  •    Party-themesIf you have a party-themed event in mind, contact Ignite AV. No matter how many guests you intend to invite, and no matter where the venue may be, we can provide the technical expertise that guarantees your party’s success. Whether you want an outdoor party or an indoor venue, a traditional Christmas party or a unique event, we’ll help. Call us now.   •    Fashion ShowsFashion Shows are a stage to market your brand and  products to not only win new customers and recognition but to also contribute something back to your existing client base…a major PR platform. Making sure your vision, concepts and ideas all come together successfully will be hugely dependant on your choice of AV supplier. Lighting, staging, visuals, screens, sound and more…this is our forte. Call us now on 0845 754 4774 or send an email to email@igniteav.com•    Set Design & SceneryThe scenery at your conference, exhibition, live event or seminar really matters. It tells people who you are and what you do. It also creates that vital first impression to new clients. This is why scenery and set design takes up a lot of time and effort. So why not let us manage set design and production for you?Ignite AV has first class design technicians. We take your concept and turn it into scenery that never fails to catch people’s attention.Whether you want something simple or customised, we’ll give it to you. We provide off the shelf or bespoke solutions. We have the skills to turn your ideas into brilliantly effective scenery and to get your message across.To discuss your scenery needs, contact us now. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure the result is exceptional.Call us now on 0845 754 4774 or send an email to email@igniteav.comVENUE RELATIONSHIPSIgnite AV has built up a trusted and established relationship with venues across the UK – and we continue to do so. After all, we know that one of the reasons you use Ignite AV is because of our expert liaison with hotels and conference venues.When you hire technical equipment from us, for example, we can give you comprehensive professional support. We ensure your equipment arrives on time at the right place. Our team can set up everything you need so that it’s ready not just for your event but for any rehearsals you may want to conduct. During this process, you can contact our representative at any time. We work hard to maintain our outstanding level of customer service, and we make sure that we stay in touch with your venue provider to avoid any problems.Furthermore, our technical support staff are not just experts in their field. They also specialise in using a venue to your best advantage. Their knowledge of venues and their skill in managing technical equipment come together to give you precisely the result you want.Use Ignite AV and experience the best. Call us now on 0845 754 4774 or send an email to email@igniteav.com•    Conference CentresThese days, a conference can be a simple one-room gathering or an event that uses a series of rooms and the most sophisticated AV equipment available. Either way, we can help. It doesn’t matter whether you want nothing more than a projector and screen, a small PA system or need a full-blown audio-visual set-up. We pay the same attention to detail and give you first class customer service.Furthermore, we are always available in your area. We have technical support staff and essential AV equipment at centres throughout the UK.Call us now on 0845 754 4774 or send an email to email@igniteav.com•    Banqueting HallsIncrease your business revenue by enhancing your banqueting facility with AV equipment, thereby giving added value. This way you can stay ahead of your competition and win new customers. We can help you with permanent or temporary AV equipment. Whatever your ideas or needs, we are on hand to ensure we successfully deliver bespoke ideas.Call us now on 0845 754 4774 or send an email to email@igniteav.com•    Bars & ClubsIf you have a bar or club you need to regularly update your technical equipment and keep up with the latest technology. These days, your customers demand fresh ideas and the best sound and lighting systems available.We can help you keep ahead of the game and increase your income. We are experts at fitting out bars and clubs with AV equipment. We can help you create just the right atmosphere that will keep your customers coming back night after night. Call us now on 0845 754 4774 or send an email to email@igniteav.com•    HotelsWhether you’re arranging a conference, exhibition, live event or seminar, contact us with your requirements. You can then leave the rest to us. We liaise with the hotel and ensure all AV equipment is ready for use before the event. Our on-site technicians can also make sure your audio-visual set-up runs smoothly throughout your stay.  If you manage or run a hotel, Ignite AV can supply an in-house technical manager to handle all AV enquiries from your clients. We will take care of the AV process from start to finish under contract with you. You will have an AV specialist on hand to boost your revenue by making your hotel an even more attractive proposition for conference organisers. Your clients will receive a highly professional service, and have complete peace of mind.       Call us now on 0845 754 4774 or send an email to email@igniteav.com•    Educational FacilitiesEvery school, college and university uses audio-visual equipment. If you want the best deals on buying new and used equipment, or if you need to hire equipment, please contact us. We can also give you no obligation advice on the AV products that match your needs.Call us now on 0845 754 4774 or send an email to email@igniteav.com•    TheatresTheatres cannot function without appropriate sound and lighting equipment. You need AV facilities that are first class and reliable. You also want 214/7 technical support that solves any problems without delay. After all, part of a theatre’s reputation depends on its technical presentation of plays, shows and concerts.At Ignite AV, we can give you everything you need. Our AV equipment service is second to none. When it comes to the technical side of your productions, we give you complete peace of mindCall us now on 0845 754 4774 or send an email to email@igniteav.comCinemasEvery Cinema depends on Video Projection, Sound and Lighting and cannot function without it. . You need AV facilities that are first class and reliable. You also want 24/7 technical support that solves any problems without delay. After all, a Cinema’s reputation depends on how good the video projection, sound and lighting is.At Ignite AV, we can give you everything you need. Our AV equipment service is second to none. When it comes to the right technical advice, we give you complete peace of mindCall us now on 0845 754 4774 or send an email to email@igniteav.comHouse’s of WorshipEvery House of Worship uses audio-visual equipment. If you want the best deals on buying new and used equipment, or if you need to hire equipment, please contact us. We can also give you no obligation advice on the AV products that match your needs and will provide a full installation service for you.Call us now on 0845 754 4774 or send an email to email@igniteav.comTESTIMONIALS“I was fortunate enough to come across the Ignite AV team whilst doing a keynote at a weekend seminar. I was highly impressed with their set up and level of expertise and I'm delighted to recommend them”…Peter Thomson – Peter Thomson International PLC"Ignite AV have been our preferred supplier for our monthly event AV and staging requirements for nearly 2 years now.  Our evening and full day events are demanding and sometimes unpredictable, but the team and supplied equipment from Ignite have always been up to the task.  They have consistently proven to be both professional and flexible in meeting our needs and the level of service and performance has been truly outstanding”….John Butler - Event Producer - Yes Group London - December 2009" “Thank you for your professional services on Saturday. I am doing a road show next year and am looking to having you on the road with me and will be in touch. Thank you for a very good job well done”….Kind Regards, Jason Vale – Juicemaster”“Being involved in many events and seminars over the last two decades I have experienced some magical ones and some that were definitely missing the magic! The AV team at the events are a core component of the magic at events, get it right and you will have raving fans, get it wrong well lets not focus on that! I have always been delighted with the service from Ignite AV, not only because of the friendly, helpful and professional manner in which the whole team conduct themselves pre, during and post events its more because they know their game. I gladly use them as my provider and recommend them to all those in my network”…Harry Singha - Harry Singha Inc - Youth Coaching Academy Ignite AV are true leaders in AV industry! They contributed massively to the success of our events and their choice or music was exactly how we wanted. They are our one and only choice!Tamara Norwood, Events Manager - Shift Enterprises Joanna Martin Events“We had the pleasure of working with the Ignite team whilst presenting a two day seminar in London. The team were very professional with an excellent service and performance. The audio visual is a large part of our program and can truly make or break the event. Having Ignite as part of our team allowed us to maintain the high level of our brand. The sound and visuals were truly outstanding and I thoroughly recommend them, not only would I recommend them, I would use them again”...Drisana Rose, PA to Blair Singer, Sales Partners Worldwide. “I have been used several AV companies for my events but thought I would try the Ignite AV team as recommended by my friend and colleague Andy Harrington. I am thoroughly impressed with the excellent level of all round service, expertise and professional trouble free delivery at my conference. They delivered more than was expected. They were prompt, polite, clean cut and professional, and competitively priced. The set up looked and sounded outstanding. Overall the Ignite AV experience was flawless and I am delighted to recommend them and look forward to using them again at my future events”...Simon Coulson - Internet Business School. “We just finished our quarterly Franchise Partner Workshop for which we used Ignite AV for the first time. We have done our previous events using our own PA system, however having the Ignite team on board took our seminars and workshops to a totally different level. The whole team and franchise partners were extremely impressed the AV provided.  The Ignite team were professional, well presented, punctual and were flexible and equipped to accommodate our changing needs, when our requirements changed last minute. I confidently recommend them and look forward to using them for our future events”…Jennifer Davidson, Events Manager - Platinum Property PartnersIgnite AV Ltd.Unit 9Kettering CloseReadingBerkshireRG31 7DFemail@igniteav.comT: 0845 475 4774F: 0845 475 4747,Opening Hours: 9.30am to 5.30pm Monday - Friday

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