Hyperink Studios

HyperInk Studios is where technology and art meet, it is a place of ideas and hard work. The name HyperInk derives from the word Hyperlink, just as a Hyperlink provides a portal to a destination; HyperInk serves as a portal for our clients as well as our artists to reach their creative destination, whatever they may be. HyperInk strives to push the limits of traditional tattoo shops by embracing new creative solutions to ever present issues that are plaguing this industry. HyperInk moves to become a studio where artists and clients alike can call home and be at ease, a place where creative achievement can be kept raw and free of limitations. More then a studio, HyperInk is a social club for creative souls to come together on a common goal... Amazing Tattoos and Art Production. By embracing art as a whole we are able to remain fresh and adapt just as ink adapts for the tip of a needle and into the skin in a single motion. By maintaining a level of formlessness and yet ever evolving HyperInk sets it's self aside from the crowd in new and innovative ways. What makes innovation so powerful is what also makes it so difficult, it has never been done before. A tattoo shop Fort Lauderdale is nothing without development and ever growing talent. Join the movement!  Free after care for first timers.
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1923 S Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States, 33316
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