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Heros Carpet Clean has been cleaning carpets for decades and is based in St Albans. Rugs and upholstery sofas & chairs can also be cleaned and degreased. The company is a small family-run organisation that has highly trained staff that care about customers carpets, rugs and upholstery while removing stains and wet cleaning.

Heros Carpet Clean use products for carpet cleaning that are formulated to safely and effectively oxidise, degrease and remove stubborn stains inherent to your specific facility floors while allowing the floors to retain their finish. This description gives you step-by-step cleaning procedures and instructions. Instructions for each product are also located on product labels and on product datasheets that Heros provides to clients. Also available to you are market-specific for maintenance guides which are available from your Heros Carpet Clean representative.

Chairs and sofas, as well as wall coverings and window treatments, should be thoroughly disinfected with suitable virucidal disinfectant after all visible contaminants have been removed. Allowing them to air dry in the sun is beneficial, if possible. Other disinfectant agents that are less damaging to furnishings could be used.

The most effective approach is to ensure that slips and trips hazards are designed out of a building. Consulting with the cleaners during refurbishment, for example, can provide valuable information on the suitability of proposed flooring types and storage facilities for cleaning equipment.

It is essential if there is any greasy or oily contamination on the floor. Water on its own, whether it is cold or warm, is not effective in removing this kind of contamination. The concentration of detergent is critical to its effectiveness. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, because too strong a solution can be as ineffective as too weak. Monitoring how much is used can be a useful check. Dosing systems can eliminate the error. The detergent should be left on the floor for enough time to allow effective removal of grease before rinsing. A useful comparison is a washing-up, heavily soiled pots and pans require soak time in the detergent. Scouring or brushing can increase the effectiveness of detergent. With all this in mind, it is best to hire a professional carpet cleaner like Heros Carpet Clean who provide carpet cleaning in St Albans.

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