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Hello,I am personally writing to you for a very important reason.Are you paying more money for a low quality cleaning service?Are you not satisfied with the service being conducted?Are you considering hiring professional cleaners but find them to be beyond yourbudget?If you answered yes to any of these questions, I have the answer for you.My name is Anam and I am the owner of Hermosa Cleaning. I am reaching out to youpersonally to introduce myself and the services my company provides. Over the last fewyears, I’ve spent my time researching the cleaning industry and over and over I find amajor lack in customer service . Customer service is KEY. You are the reason any ofthose cleaning companies are in business. Therefore, it should be the utmostresponsibility of the cleaning company to provide you with excellent service whether itbe for a Small Business, Corporate Building, Physician's office, Apartment Homesor Commercial Building we are here to help you with it all. Hermosa is the answer tothe cleaning industry's lack of customer service. With our in depth cleaning analysis youget the perfect clean at the perfect price! Regular inspections will be conducted toinsure quality control. Your happiness and your customers happiness is our mission.I look forward to meeting with you personally to help your business be the cleanest itcan be. Feel free to give me a call at your convenience! I look forward to showing youjust how easy your experience with cleaning can be.

Your friendly neighbor,Anam Malik(949) 735-0932Hermosa Cleaning

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