Health Kinesiology Natural Bioenergetics

Hi, My name is Eli Chan. The therapy I offer helped my many clients to resolve their physical, mental and emotional issues including, but not limited to food intolerances, skin problems, learning difficulties such as dyslexia, feeling anxious or depressed, low self esteem, aches and pains as well as improving their interpersonal relationships and achieving their life goals. For people who want relief from their physical discomfort, the TCM that we provide at our “Traumatology – Dealing with Pain” to reduce and relieve pain symptoms without the use of drugs or opioids. We also provide Zen Essence Yoga classes in order to re-connect you with your true self. The work entails a variety of physical activities and movements. Health Kinesiology is also brilliant in helping clients to address their interpersonal issues and has helped my clients improve their relationships, eliminate abusive behaviour and restore their ability to connect on a deeper level. I take my clients on a journey towards wellness by helping them to change their habits and offering guidance on the best way forward to improve their health.

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