Gather Sources To Write A Persuasive Essay

Using the source information is essential to your essay. Without it, your essay will be a bunch of opinions and ideas for paper writing service. In order to prove a point, you have to back it up with proof. The proof comes in the form of evidence and examples, borrowed from either academic or popular sources. 

The sources can be either primary or secondary. Primary sources are ones that have been derived from the original source or ones that have been reached through independent experiments, surveys, or observation. The secondary sources are those sources that talk about the primary source and give an opinion or analysis about them. Some of the source information is derived from scholarly sources such as academic papers and journals while other information is derived from popular sources such as websites, blogs, newspapers, and books.

Wherever you derive your information from it is important for you to learn how to use the sources in your essays.

Ways to Use the source information

Different ways you can add outside information to your work can come under the umbrella of quoting, paraphrasing or summarizing.

1. Quote

When you quote from a source you write the text word to word in your write my essay. The quoted information can be longer if required (there is no limit to the length of the quoted text). Usually, when analyzing a text such as in a book review or critique, you put down excerpts from the book into the writing.

However, the quoted text shouldn’t be more than a few sentences long. And even then you should ask yourself if it is better to be quoted or paraphrased in your own words. A good way to decide this is to ask yourself this question: will rephrase it in my own words make it lose the meaning of the text?

Ellipses are often used when directly quoting from a source. When the quoted text is lengthy and the relevant information scattered throughout the text, it doesn’t look good to quote the phrases again and again, in the write my paper text. Instead, you can use ellipses to use the same text but skip the unimportant parts and connect the useful sentences with ellipses (...)

2. Paraphrase

Paraphrasing is using our own words to explain and recreate what was written in the source we are referencing. Paraphrasing is useful when you want the audience to understand an idea or some information, and the text of the source is hard for the audience to understand it.

This can be done in two ways: Through paraphrasing or through part-quoting.

In paraphrasing, the whole text structure and the words are changed. While in part-quoting the sentence structure is changed but the keywords from the source are kept and indicated with quotation marks.

3. Summarize

Summarizing is when you condense a length of text into a few lines. Here you only record the gist of the text. Summarizing is crucial to your essay when you find yourself quoting and paraphrasing a single source in your essay. In such cases, the summary will provide the reader with background information and context about the source information, making it easy to understand and sometimes it is better to write my paper.

It is important that you cite the information while you write down the borrowed information. No matter how unique or unfamiliar you make the information, you are supposed to refer to the source.

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